b'83ORCHESTRABY MIRIAM WRIGHT2019-2020 was one that we will allAfter SPACE day, we set about preparing for a very remember for the rest of our lives. Withspecial event - marking the end of the Schools an influx of new membersalong with350th celebrations. We were excited about returning to the most wonderful performing platform that our extremely committed and dedicatedis St Patricks Cathedral. It felt very strange playing band of regular musicianswe hadChristmas Carols in September, but we wanted to another year of exciting music-makingmake sure we did ourselves and our school proud.ahead of usthat was cut short! This undertaking was to prepare for our usual Christmas schedule along with a more advanced programme to suit the occasion. We spent the first couple of weeks preparing our solo items for the start of the service. This involved writing out specialised parts for orchestral members: as always, suiting their varied abilities. After mid-term, we started on the bigger choral items where I spent many a FULL Saturday and Sunday sitting in Insomnia coffee shop, writing out parts for the orchestral accompaniments until my hands felt like they would fall off! Our wonderful musicians loved these new and challenging parts and were keen to ensure they were perfect. Rehearsals were in full flow and it wasnt long before our big rehearsal inSt Patricks.'