b'84I must point out thatThe orchestra had a very difficult task to play alongThe clients of Stewarts Hospital are always so some very specialwith the Cathedrals organ, where the sound delayhospitable and genuinely exhilarated to hear and members of the Orchestra,proved difficult, even for the professional players. watch us perform. Mr David Milne wrote out some fabulous along with our Orchestralarrangements for some of the choral items andSome joined in singing and even aided secretary were very kind to giveexpertly scored for the more able orchestra members. in directing the orchestra and choir. up their Saturday beforehand to helpIn particular, the trumpet descants could be heardNext, we were warmly greeted at arrange folders - not an easy task.soaring over everyone else, which surely lifted theThe Hermitage Clinic on Thursday, 19 heart of everyone in attendance. December, where we performed some Some were writing out parts using Finale Notepad,The evening was a great success and the studentsmuch-loved Christmas carols with the while others were ensuring the parts were all in thewere ecstatic afterwards. correct order for both the medley and the serviceThis was the start of our Christmas celebrations! choir to great acclaim. itself. To say this took hours is an understatement and,Our annual Carol Service in Stewarts Hospital was onThis event provides delight and tranquillity for patients again, I would like to thank them for their sterlingTuesday, 17 December. This function never fails to be aresiding at the Clinic, where the music is channelled effort.most gratifying and heartening experience for us all.through speakers to every ward and corridor.So, onto the rehearsal itself: everyone was full of enthusiasm but also extremely nervous. It was Monday 9 December, where, after a full day of classes, the students had a grilling 3-hour rehearsal. During rehearsal, the string section, under the guidance of Ms Connie Gardiner and Ms Meehan, were directed on specific performing directions pertaining to the instrument itself. The woodwind family were joined by Ms Cunningham and Mr Hardy, who gave strength and courage to our students. The service itself was held on Thursday 12 December, starting with a medley of perennial favourites to set the festive mood under my own baton! If we are to be honest, this was one of our highlights of the evening, where the acoustic was absolutely perfect for our ensemble. With such high ceilings and lots of nooks and crannies the sound was so warm and full; it just reverberated all around the Cathedral perfectly. We were also joined by Mr Hearnes on the trombone and Charles Cavanagh on trumpet. Then the choir started with a mesmerising procession of Once in Royal Davids City which marked the official start of the Service and it just flowed from there.'