b'85After Christmas, I set about considering some newAdieu to 2!!repertoire for our orchestra. Yet again, my challenge was to find appropriate music to suit the students IChristianahad at my disposal. I finally decided on a couple ofTo Christiana: with your infectious smile, and winning pieces, including a new piece called Cue the Stringspersonality, your commitment to the Orchestra was by Christopher Holm and a Classical/Rock Fusionsecond to none. Your mature attitude to life was of Paint it Black; a Rolling Stones original!We hadalways felt by all in our Orchestra. Thank you for your great plans to perform one of these pieces at Thehelp, in particular, in your capacity as my point of Wesley Music Festival, but the pressure of the Mockcontact with each member, reminding students Exams was just too much for our senior players andwhen and where rehearsals and events were on. therefore decided to forgo this event.I know Ellie will really miss you as her sidekick in the We then put all of our energy into preparing for ourcello section. The sound you both made was always annual gala concert in April, when disaster struck andvery satisfying and will be missed greatly. I know our unfortunate students were all told to go home!!Ityou were very sad at the thought of each Christmas was with a heavy heart that we had to abandon ourevent being your last with KH, but I do know that you rehearsal. I continued to prepare and arrange, evenwill seek out the Music Department in TCD and join under Lockdown, in the hope that we would get toin their musical ensembles suitable to your tastes. return for the final few weeks of term. But this wasAlthough you wont be pursuing a career as such in not to be.music, I would like to wish you all the very best with It was extremely disappointing that we couldntyour studies in Science in Trinity.say farewell to our wonderful 6th year students at our annual garden party with the choir in CanonHannahCampions home. I was only too glad, however,Id also like to pay tribute to our very own flautist, that, just before Lockdown, we did manage to haveHannah Wiseman. Hannah has always been a a fabulous rehearsal on the Tuesday after schoolcommitted member since her first year in school.where they lifted the roof with Paint it Black, a BachHer passion for music is always apparent and felt by Chorale and Cue the Strings! others in the Orchestra. She was always there to help Perhaps next year we can welcome these studentsother members, particularly in the flute section. Her back to accompany us in our end of year concert tocommitment to the Orchestra, during the good and mark the very unusual way they had to leave andthe more challenging times, has been outstanding; to thank them for their commitment to our schoolso, for this, I must say a huge Thank You!Orchestra. Thanks to one and all for their work this year and, please God, next year will be better.'