b'86MUSIC IN THE CLASSROOMBY MIRIAM WRIGHTWhat a busy year this was in termsForm One students had taster music classes onhad students composing music to accompany a of music in the classroom! As wea 5-week rotational basis with Mr Mullen, Msmeditation during a mindfulness class. The students began another year of job sharing, MsCunningham and myself. Students got to explorewere so excited to actually take part in such a class, some of the new syllabus Junior Cycle, whichthanks to Ms Leahy, where the students recordings Cunningham and myself were looking forincluded music theory, instruments of the orchestra,were playing throughout. Each student then drew a opportunities that would enhance ourconducting, music appreciation to name a few. Thepicture of their experience and there were spot prizes students classroom learning.taster helps to guide the students toward making anfor the best five. I put them together to make a huge informed choice on their eventual Junior Certificateposter for the classroom (pictured opposite).We both attended many in-service trainings,subjects.This choice was made before Christmas so including the weekend conference with the PPMTAstudents joined their core class from January onward, (Post-Primary Music Teachers Association). Even aftergiving them more time to go into greater depth twenty years, one does not stop learning and findingwith the course.One memorable module that theyComposer JJ Riordan of Found Soundsnew ways to teach our keen students. covered was based on mindfulness, where Mr Mullenwith Form 2 students.'