b'87In other news:In March, Forms 3 and 6 attended a workshop at theHe was very entertaining and informative National Concert Hall with Ms Cunningham, basedon how students can use Found Sounds on curricula for Junior and Leaving Certificate whichto produce a piece of music of their own! included a full performance of orchestral works. This gave the students great insight into the mechanicsHe kept students engaged throughout. of some of their set works while giving them theHe gave the students the essential tools to deliver opportunity to see the instruments in the flesh, so totheir own composition for their CBA. JJ proved that it speak. Luckily this happened before Lockdown.is possible to make some very catchy tunes by using In March (10th & 12th) we had the pleasure ofsounds all around us. He had students gather items welcoming the prominent composer of Foundfor sounds in the library where the workshop was Sounds, Jeremiah Joseph Riordan or better known taking place, which produced a very solid piece of as JJ Riordan who is a breath of fresh air.music.'