b'88I would like to say a huge heartfelt thanks to all of the 6th years who have passed the doors of D8.The next couple of months just seemed to go by in a blur. Zoom classes were quickly par for the course and each of our classes participated extremely well, with good grace and manners, in such difficult conditions. I would challenge anyone to try listening to Raymond Deanes Seachanges or The Beatles Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band over the line on Zoom. As always, my senior students just kept on smiling, keeping their heads down, working as hard, if not even harder, than ever. Their dedication and their patience with this tech dinosaur will not be forgotten!The most important thing here was that he had themIt was with great sadness that we all had actively involved in this creative process. They evento leave the school so quickly, but I must got a recording of their music by the end of eachadmit it was a very flawless exercise in a workshop. My thanks go to JJ for a most enlightening and educational time. I look forward to seeing whatvery difficult situation.the students will do with this information next yearI, in particular, really felt for our Leaving Cert students during their final year of their studies for the Juniorwho were understandably distraught and confused. Cycle music. In their minds they were all ready for their practicals After the second workshop on the 12th of March, wewhich were due to take place over the following had an abrupt ending to a very exciting day whentwo weeks. They were impeccably prepared for this we were told of the infamous Lockdown and theexam thanks to members of our wonderful music (eventual) abrupt end to our year.department.'