b'89JAZZ BANDBY DAVE HARDYThe KH Jazz Band The KH Samba BandMembership of the KH JazzThe KH Samba band was band included a cross sectionestablished in September of musicians and singers from2019 with the encouragement almost every year group in theand practical support of school this year. The individualthe TY Coordinator, Mr personalities and the musicalNoel Cunningham, who input of each student alsoinitiated the band as a TY brought an extra dynamic andmodule. The Samba band creative energy to our weeklyfacilitates musical and non-rehearsals every Mondaymusical students alike, to morning in M14. work together as a team The Jazz band format allowsto produce Latin American each student to develop bothrhythms that are extremely musically and socially as theyuplifting. grow in confidence throughOne of the other benefits the medium of rehearsing andof the Samba band is the performing music. While ourability to perform anywhere performances were limitedat any time and so the band this year by the early closure ofbecame a regular contributor the school in March, the Jazzto the public demonstrations band performed in chapel onfor climate change that were Friday 20th December 2019 asheld every Friday outside Dil the school finished up for theireann. Christmas holidays. Many thanks to Noel It was a great privilege to workCunningham and the TY with such a dynamic group ofstudents who created some students and the wonderfulwonderful Latin American music that they created duringrhythms during the year.the year. Hasta la vista!'