b'90SPEECH AND DRAMABY KERRIE OREILLYThe 2019/20 year began like any other with no sign of the strangeness or the new normal that we now all find ourselves in. We had 120 students sign up to take private Drama lessons as individuals or in small groups, the 1st and 2nd years being taught by Mr Hickey and the 3rd-6th years being taught by myself. Alongside these lessons Mr Hickey also taught Drama as part of the well-being programme to all 1st years, facilitated an after-school Artistic Performance class for 2nd years every Thursday and devised the ever-popular annual TY play. The talented 1st years took to their KH debut in a small performance in chapel for the 1st YearOnce again 3rd years regaled their classmates withstudent. A wonderful achievement, well done to all. Service in October. They performed an originala Whose Line is it anyway? improvised performanceMeanwhile Mr Hickeys TY class were working on performance called Gold which was wellin the Red Rec the week before Christmas.creating their play for entry into the All-Ireland Briary received by staff and parents. So much talentImprovisation is a key Drama skill and the courageGap Transition Year Competition.Two of the students, and creativity in this young group. Big thingsand imagination shown by the 3rd year group wasCian and Charlotte, have written about how they are on the horizon for these young artists.wonderful.enjoyed the process (see TY section), but I would Des Hickey Congratulations to the following 6th year studentslike to say that as a Drama teacher of many years I who undertook their RIAM Senior Recital Examthought that this years TY group were outstanding. this year: Johnny Pollock, Catarina Mendes, Jordan Thompson, Malika Maniar, Jade Treacy, Sofia-RoseIt is a travesty that they didnt get to perform in the Deeleman, Ruth Casey, Alexander Silke and Charlottefinal in Cork due to COVID-19, but I am glad that we Carway.This exam is the highest level that onehad the opportunity to record it just before the school can achieve whilst at school. It involves performingbroke up on March 12th. If you havent already, the a continuous recital of themed pieces fromvideo is on our website and is well worth the watch. Shakespeare and Contemporary monologues, Mime,Well done to all of the students involved, and of Poetry and Prose, chosen and linked together by thecourse well done to their teacher, Mr Hickey.'