b'91Directed by Kenneth Brannagh and Feiseanna: written by Eoin Colfer, Lara plays Holly Like so many events the Drama Feiseanna that weShort, an elf who is the first and only would normally participate in were cancelled andcaptain of Lep-Recon, a special task force when Lockdown commenced in mid-March thededicated to protecting both the magical Drama Department transitioned to online Zoomworld and the human world. Lara stars classes.alongside newcomer Ferdia Shaw and The Royal Irish Academy offered afilm greats Colin Farrell, Judie Dench, choice to students as to whether theyNonso Anonsie and Josh Gad. would prefer to cancel their Summer session exam, put it back to Autumn orHaving subscribed to the new Disney Plus network for my children at the beginning of the Lockdown, we are submit videos of their pieces in June.planning a family cinema night on June 12th to watch The majority of students chose the latterArtemis Fowl, popcorn at the ready! Mr Hickey and I option and so began the to-ing and fro- would like to wish Lara all the very best for the release ing of recordings and notes betweenof the filmthis is a huge achievement and we hope Lara enjoys every minute of the adventure, on and off students and teachers.screen. With most of the students being under 18, theirMr Hickey and I are looking forward to seeing all parents also had to get involvedso this years RIAMof our Drama students when the new school year exam session was truly a group effort like none other. begins - in person!Drama is, at heart, a practical subject so the medium of Zoom and recordings was not ideal, however, Id like to congratulate all students who remained enthusiastic, engaged and made the very best outof the situation.One student who understandably postponed her exam was 4th year Lara McDonnell. During late May and early June Lara was busy promoting the new Disney film Artemis Fowl, due to hit Disney Plus on June 12th.'