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SOCS Extra-C App

This page has everything you need to know about using SOCS, our extra curricular communication software. The first step is to activate your account.

To activate your account:

Please note, when you activate your account you need to use the email address that is already registered with the school through SIMS. This will be email address that you get all electronic communication from the school.  

  • Visit our SOCS login page ( and click the "Parent" tab. 
  • Click the "Activate Account" link above the "Login" button.
  • Enter your email address. This must be the same email address which you have registered with your school.
  • Click the "Activate" button. This will send you an email containing an account activation link. If you do not receive the email check your junk/spam email.  You may need to add "" to your safe senders list.
  • Click the Activation link in your email and set your password.  Once you have set your password you will be able to login to SOCS.

Whenever you want to log in, you do so by visiting the school's SOCS login page ( Simply click the "Parent" tab, and log in using the email and password you just created.

Once your SOCS account is active you can login to SOCS. If you only have access to a single pupil you will be taken straight to the pupil's calendar. If you have access to more than one pupil, you will be able to choose from your available pupils:

You can switch between pupils by using the "Switch Pupil" link in the main menu.

There are 3 main sections for each of your pupils:

  1. Calendar: Here you can view the pupil's calendar. At the start of the school year this may be blank; it will populate as the pupil is added to activities. You can also add any other events which the pupil is due to attend outside of school (e.g. out of school clubs)
  2. Activities: Here you can see what activities are available to your pupil and see which activities they have already been added to. This is also where you will add them to new activities during an activity sign-up (This is a feature we will add in the next year).
  3. Calendar Sync: Here you can add the pupil's calendar to your own personal calendar application (e.g. Outlook, Google Calendar). This creates a live feed of the pupils activities in your personal calendar.  

So with this information you can now see your own children's extra curricular activities from week to week, and sync these to your calendar if you want to. As a recap, below are the other functions you can set up on your phones or computers to access our extra curricular information.

Sports webapp

By accessing the sports website (link below) you will get access to all sports trainings and fixtures that we have across all the sports we play. You can also access team sheets for specific matches so you will know if your son/daughter is selected. Teamsheets are password protected so please email for the password. All our results are posted on this website too. Please note this will be the only place where our fixtures and results are posted going forward. You can save this website as a web app on your smartphone by adding it to your home screen, so it is easy to access. The reason it is set up as a webapp is so you can access the information from both your compueter or your smartphone.

For iphone users, when you visit the website, you can click on the button at the bottom of your screen that has a square with an arrow pointing out of it. This will then allow you to select the function 'save to home screen'.

For google users, when you visit the website, you can click on the three vertical dots in top right corner of your screen. This will then allow you to select the function 'save to home screen'. 

Extra curricular webapp

By accessing the extra curricular calendar (link below), you will get an overall view of when every extra curricular event is on across the school year. You can save this website as a web app on your smartphone by adding it to your home screen so it is easy to access using the same function as above.

Please note at the moment all students are coming up as year 7, year 8 etc. We are working on getting the year levels changed to fit the Irish system, so it will say form 1, form 2 etc. For the moment, the year levels correlate as:

Year 7 = Form 1, Year 8 = Form 2, Year 9 = Form 3, Year 10 = Form 4, year 11 = Form 5, Year 12 = Form 6

If you have any questions regarding SOCS or any problems with it please get in touch with our Director of Sport, David Keelty by emailing him at