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South Africa Rugby Trip 2015

Tue 26th May 2015

South Africa Rugby Trip 2015 The trip entails three boys from King’s Hospital school in Dublin, Scott le Roux, David Boles and Sam Reynolds Wrafter all enrolling in a South African high school called Muir College located in Uitenhage. The school is a typical strong South African rugby school. The main purpose of the trip is to improve the boys’ rugby along with experiencing a whole new culture and way of life. We flew from Dublin on April 9th. We made an international transfer at Heathrow to Johannesburg. From there we flew to Port Elizabeth airport. We were met there by head of rugby and House Mister Mr Lintin Gouws. He brought us to Muir College. The school is the oldest traditional English school in South Africa at 193 years old. It’s an all-boys school situated at the top of Vanes Estate in Uitenhage in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. It’s made up of both a primary school and a High School consisting of around 600 boys. We are living in the hostel (boarding house). There is about 45 boys in the hostel along with seven staff. On a school day we wake up at 6:30am to get ready for room inspection and breakfast at 7am. The school is very religious and pray before and after every meal. After breakfast we attend morning lines where we say our prayer for the day and any announcements are made by the teachers. We attend six classes a day, and in between we have a break and lunch and attend lines after both. The main part of our day, rugby practice, starts at half past 2 and ends around 4:30pm. Supper is at 5 o’clock. Prep for the hostel boys starts at 6:30pm. We don’t have to attend prep so we are allowed to relax or go to the school gym. On the weekend we have a match on Saturday morning. The whole school plays another school in fixtures one after another so the whole school is there to watch and support their fellow pupils. After rugby we spend the rest of the weekend doing things with the hostel staff on duty such as going to the beach or to a game reserve. Several weeks ago we were engaged in a rugby coaching course held at Muir College which was very interesting. Since then we have been coaching at local Primary and feeder school to Muir, College Hill. Similar to the Irish cricket students that attended here from January-March, we visit them twice a week and it is great to see these youngsters being introduced to the game so young. So far, we have visited Jeffrey’s Bay, Addo Elephant Park, Summerstrand Boardwalk, Van Staden’s Lagoon and other areas of Port Elizabeth. They have all been fantastic day trips with the hostel staff who are very easy to get along with. The weather so far has been great considering it is nearly winter over here. It is usually about 20 – 30 degrees midday and we’ve hardly seen any rain. We have played rugby matches against Kirkwood, Union High School and Nico Malan Hoerskool. Scott and David are in the senior set up playing matches for both the first and the second team. Sam is a starting back row for the u16A Squad. Muir College came out on top against both Kirkwood and Union and drew with Nico Malan in the first team match. Nico Malan from Humansdorp were the stronger school in every other match apart from the u16A side winning 13-12. Nico Malan and Kirkwood were played at home and Union High was played away in a small rural town called Graff Reinet. Last weekend we played away at Brandwag, one of the four big schools in the Uitenhage area. It has been an excellent trip for us lads so far and we really appreciate the efforts made to get us out here for our 12-week stay. We are learning lots, on and off the rugby pitch and already are counting down the days to when we have to leave this great country.

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