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Spanish as a Leaving Cert subject aims to bring students closer to fluency in the Spanish language, as well as developing a good knowledge of literature, culture, and geography to provide a context for communication. As the second most natively spoken language and studied language on the planet, it has widespread use in international business and makes travel to Spain, Mexico, and most of South America more accessible.

What kind of student might Spanish suit?

  • Anyone with an interest in Spanish culture, history, and language.
  • Students interested in travelling the world.
  • Students who are considering working in Spain (or other Hispanic countries) or international relations in the future.

The Leaving Cert marking is divided as follows:

Oral Exam (25%)

Listening Exam (20%)

Written Exam (55%)

Spanish Department 

Susan Leahy, BA (Mod) (TCD), HDipEd (NUI) 

Amy Fitzgerald, BA (Hons) (UL), HDipEd (NUI) 

  • King's Hospital Spanish