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Student Council Elections & Report

Fri 27th Jan 2017

By Ms Leahy

The Student Council for 2017-18 was elected at the end of January. Election Day was the last Friday of January, the 27th. A number of outgoing members of the Student Council worked with Ms Leahy, Ms Fiona Ryan, and Ms Ryan's CSPE class 2L, to run the elections in such a way that the student body's voting experience was that of voting in a real polling station! Students are elected using the Proportional Representation system, which makes the counting session an invaluable experience for those members of the CSPE class who participate. 


Many thanks to the outgoing Student Council for all of their hard work since January 2016. Thanks also to Ms Ryan and her CSPE class for all their hard work in the run-up to and during Election Day. 


Congratulations to the new members of the Student Council who will begin their term after the midterm break. 

Results of Student Council Elections 2017

Form 1 Day: Cian O’Dowd

Form 1 Boarding: Anna Edghill

Form 2 Day: Seán Selvamani

Form 2 Boarding: Naomi Abels

Form 3 Day Girls: Ellen Carroll

Form 3 Day Boys: Jordan Thompson

Form 3 Boarder Girls

Robyn  McNally

Kerrie Pratt

Unfortunately, no Form 3 Boarder Boys ran for election, so two boarder girls were elected instead.

Form 4 Day Girls: Ella Barton

Form 4 Day Boys: Luke Harris

Form 4 Boarder Girls: Millie Case

Form 4 Boarder Boys: Royale Ohoka

Form 5 Day

Toluwalade Bello

Katie McNelis

Jamie O’Neill

Form 5 Boarding

Ruby Arnold

Robert Gibbons

Noa Joulin




  • Student Council Elections Kings Hospital
  • Student Council Elections Kings Hospital
  • Student Council Elections Kings Hospital