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Student Leadership

At The King’s Hospital School, we believe that every child should achieve his or her potential intellectually and socially, through personal endeavour and with the support of staff, students, parents and governors.

Our supports are based on key structures: the Board of Governors, Board of Management, School Leadership Team, staff, prefects, mentors and the Student Council.

Download the application form for Prefects & Mentors 2020/21

Prefect Mentor Application.pdf


Prefects are appointed each year in Forms 5 and 6, through an application process by the student. In May, an online staff vote takes place and those results, combined with a review of the applications by the house and duty staff and the School Leadership Team, are used to determine and select the prefects. Successful candidates will be leaders, comfortable supporting and advising others and will have the ability to initiate ideas and follow them through to conclusion. These skills are highly transferrable and much sought after in the workplace.

For this school year (2019/20), we are piloting some changes to the prefect system. For each day house Forms 1-4, there will be four Form 5 House Prefects - 2 boys and 2 girls, with Form 6 Prefects as team leaders. For Forms 1-5 boarding houses, Form 6 boarders, who are school prefects, will support the Form 5 house prefects.  

All prefects work closely with their house staff, to promote a safe, respectful and supportive atmosphere, in and around all areas of school life. They meet regularly with their staff leader to share their experiences and offer insights.

Class of 2020

Head Girl: Hannah Betson

Head Boy: Daniel Ohoka

Deputy Head Girl: Tanesha Yimga

Deputy Head Boy: Richard Beattie

                                                            Prefects 2019/20

       School Prefects

                                 House Prefects

Vicky Abimbola

Mark Beattie

Millicent Marinot-Wood

Hassan Alekri

Rebecca Doyle

Ciara Murray

Adam Bagnall

Marie Hagedorn

Thomas Musgrave

Adam Harris

Carlo Healy

Phoebe Nicholson

Malika Maniar

Alexander Heywood Jones

Katelyn O’Leary

Alexander McKeon-Silke

Harrison Jio

Kate Ormsby

Emily Quinn

Eoin Kirwan

Katie Pointer

Jade Treacy

Calista Kuan

James Raleigh

Alexander Walsh

Jack Leitch

Becky Ryan

Sinéad Walsh

Holly Love

Jack Shone

Adam Jackson

Sara Lynch

Tilly Walsh

  Alyson Shaw

Zoe Lyons

Ivan Xue


The peer mentor system aims to ease the transition from primary to secondary school and for new students into other Forms. Our mentors are assigned to new students at the beginning of their school life here.

Peer mentoring provides new students a safe space to raise concerns and ask questions, which they might not feel confident to do in front of an adult or in a classroom setting.

Our mentors are chosen in consultation with house staff from a list of Form 4 students who have made a formal application for the post. For 2019/20, we have chosen 10 mentors. As part of their ongoing training, mentors take part in the mental health training programme Jigsaw (

While the system is of enormous benefit to new entrants to our school, mentors too benefit from active participation in the programme, a programme that can influence very positively on their own personal development.

Mentors 2019/2020

  • Heather Beattie
  • Juliette Borton
  • Cressida Campion
  • Aideen Carmody
  • Jade Halpin
  • Emma Kerr
  • Daniel King
  • William O’Connor
  • Farrell O’Reilly
  • Anna Rowe

Student Council

Our Student Council plays an integral role in student leadership in our school. Students, from Forms 1-5, are democratically elected to the council each year in late January.

The council meets regularly to discuss issues that concern students. It brings these concerns to the attention of the school leadership through its weekly meetings, often attended by the Headmaster, or in writing to the members of the school community concerned.

Appointed staff members act as liaisons and overseers of the Student Council to facilitate communication, train students, and oversee the organisation of events and meetings.

The Student Council is proactive in organising events such as the Talent Show and Blue Coat Day – an event celebrating the whole school community.


Student Council 2019




Form 1

Sam Morris

Prince Osorabo

Form 2

Davey Tobin

Darius Maniar

Form 3

Robin Andres

Jake Feeney

Sorcha Smith

Harry West

Form 4

Ciara Murray

Jack Leitch

Kate Ormsby

Ivan Xue

Form 5

Richard Beattie

Eve Digby

Laura Dwyer

Charlott Carway

Ben Clarke

Tanesha Yimga