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Student Showcase Week 2

Student Work in a Variety of Media.


''West of Ireland'  by  Erica Barry wins ' THE ARTWORK OF THE WEEK' 

Work completed during an online watercolour course.  

erica barry-1.png

Séan Lynch 
Painted Portrait of Michael D. Higgins.     
Acrylic on Paper .

sean lynch-1.jpg

Calista Kuan 
A3 pencil and marker sketch of my Grandmother and I when I was young. 

Calista Kuan-1.jpg

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Joshua Gargan
Performance / Photography

joshua gargan-1.jpg


Sarah Culleton   
Body Painting, Eye Art  Rainbow and Triple Cut Crease.

Sarah Culleton-1.png


Rameen Jafri     
'Girl With a Pearl Earring'   Performance/Photography

Rameen Jafri-1.jpg


Ruling Zhang     

Ruling Zhang-1.jpg


Freya Mangan     

freya mangan-1.jpg


Rebecca Good   
"Suspense" by Charles Burton Barber 1894

Rebecca Good-1.jpg


James Caullier   
burn edges of flame and smoke
style:pencil, paper, lighter

James Caullier-1.jpg



Isobel Angel
Flower Sculpture
Air Drying Clay with Colour Wash

Isabel angel-1.jpg

Alannah Sheedy
Stil Life
Paint, Marker on paper

Alannah Sheedy 1st yr-1.png


Fei Xia
Still Life
Pencil/Charcoal Tone

Fei Xia 2nd yr-1.png


Sinead Olowookere   
Digital Print

Sinead Olowookere rooftop-1.png


Julia Carry   
Watercolour on Paper

julia carey-1.jpg


Lily Raben   
Performance/Installation Art   
​Fresh Flowers on a Wire Structure. 

''Me and my mum recreated a painting of Frida Kahlo with flowers on her head so we made a flower crown and used my sister as the model to recreate the picture.''



James Caullier 
Woman in a Hat   
Oil paint on wood, limited colour and wood comes through to show skin. Inspired by the 'Jay with a Basque Hat' a series of paintings  by Brian Burke.

James Caullier big hat-1.jpg


Zara McDonald
Portrait of Harry Styles
Pencil Tone on Paper

zara mcdonald-1.png


Katy Kennedy   
Title: Clairvoyance
Media: Drawn digitally with an Apple Pencil using the app ‘sketchbook’

Katy Kennedy-1.jpg



Art Teachers:  Detta Brennan, Caitriona Murphy, Emma Dowdall.
Art work curated by Detta Brennan and
Presented in praise of our students creativity  © KH 2020