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Technical Graphics

Technical Graphics (T.G.) is one of the technology subjects offered at junior cycle. Form 1 pupils may select this subject from a choice of five options. This course aims to develop pupils’ creative imagination by encouraging them to reason in two and three dimensions and apply these skills to the solution of graphical and spatial problems of both a practical and abstract nature. Year one consists of a series of modular topics which together lay the foundation for the following two years. Pupils have four periods per week and the class size is limited to a maximum of 24.

How will Technical Graphics be useful to me?

Technical Graphics allows students to think in a logical and creative way. It helps to heighten their awareness of their environment and its elements and encourage the exercising of aesthetic value judgments. The course is so structured as to provide pupils with a stimulus for managing spatial problems mentally and communicating spatial ideas and solutions graphically. Students will be able to communicate information in a neat and organised fashion through the medium of diagrams, sketches and computer aided design. This subject will be of use to those who want to follow career paths such as architecture, graphics, design, engineering and the like. 

Design and Communications Graphics Department

Paddy O’Shea, B.Tech.Ed. (WBT) Co-ordinator

  • King's Hospital Technical Graphics